We are passionate about Integrated Wealth Planning and Independent Advice

Our collective expertise surpasses a century, underlining our seasoned proficiency.

Our diverse ensemble of financial savants includes Certified Financial Planners®, Chartered Life Underwriters, Certified Health Insurance Specialists, Cash Flow Experts, Personal Finance Advisors, and professionals holding Life, Health, and Mutual Fund licenses.

To elevate the investment experience for clients with asset holdings north of $300,000, we've forged alliances with distinguished discretionary portfolio managers. This ensures top-notch access to premium investment opportunities.

As an autonomous entity, we are proud of our affiliations, a noteworthy mention being Serenia Life Financial and IDC Worldsource Insurance Network, among others. These partnerships amplify our capacity to deliver stellar financial strategies and solutions.

What we do


  • Financial Planning
  • Estate Planning & Insurance Solutions
  • Investment Management
  • Discretionary Portfolio Management Partnerships
  • Pension Solutions & Consulting

Who we serve

  • Families & Individuals
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Business Owners & Medical Professionals
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Executives & Athletes
Compass And Road Map

A Modern Approach to an Age-Old Industry…

We have an independent approach to planning and advice

As your wealth expands, so does the intricacy of your financial landscape. This escalating complexity necessitates solutions that are far from standard.

Blended family on vacation

Bill G.

Generational Farmer

Working with farmers can be tough, we don't typically trust financial professionals. This teams approach to integrated planning has simplified my financial landscape, providing a sense of control. My family farm is in safe hands!

James D.

Business Owner, Restaurant Chain

The holistic financial planning approach adopted by the EastCap Wealth team has added structure to my financial life. I know longer chance returns and have a plan to follow. To simply state I now have peace of mind is an understatement. Thank you EastCap.

Samantha M.

Registered Nurse

With the EastCap Wealth team, it feels like having a skilled nursing team for my finances. They've seamlessly orchestrated my monetary situation, granting me a sense of command akin to managing a successful shift on the ward.

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